Home Crimes & Courts Man Murders wife, hangs self

Man Murders wife, hangs self

Man Murders wife, hangs self

Man Murders wife, hangs self

A machete-wielding Ihnwinsklale man murdered his wife and hanged himself, leaving a suicide note in his trousers’ pocket on Tuesday.

Stephen Bisiwasi, 37, was reported to have been offended by his wife Tryphine Nyika’s decision to separate with him over failure to support the family.

Nyika. 32. was rushed to Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals where she died upon admission.

Man Murders wife, hangs self

The two worked for the same employer as gardener and maid and residing at the premises in one of the cottages along holmwood Close in Umwinsidale.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident urging people to engage police over domestic disagreements.

‘Police are investigating a case involving a couple where the husband hanged himself after attacking his wife with a machete in Umwinsidale on Tuesday said Ass Comm Nyathi.

‘Circumstances were that on a May 1 2020 at around 1800 hours the two had a misunderstanding which led them to separate and ended up sleeping in different rooms at the same complex.

‘On 5 May 2020 at around 1100 hours. a neighbor who is also employed at the same address heard a noise coming from the scene of the crime.

‘He went to investigate what was happening and was surprised to see the wife lying in a pool of blood with head injuries and her two tight hands fingers cut off.

‘He rushed to call their employer who was not at home at the time of occurrence.

‘The employer responded to the call and rushed Tryphine Nyika to Parirenyatwa Hospital for treatment and she was admitted in the ICU section.

Her condition was said to be critical, he said.

Kapasure said he found the now deceased hanging from the trusses of a gazebo thatched shed which is in the yard and informed the Bisiwasis sister.

The deceased used a rope to hang himself from trusses of a gazebo shed. ‘Information on the suicide note indicates that the now deceased assaulted Tryphine using a machete and thought he had killed her and hanged himself to death.

“A machete full of blood was near where Tryphine was lying and her two fingers which were cut off, were also on the scene: said Kapasure.

Tryphine sustained several cuts on the head and lost two right-hand fingers as a result of the attack by Bisiwasi.

Nyika family spokesperson Letwin Nyika said Tryphine will be buried in Hwedza soon after postmortem.

Bisiwasi family were still to collect Steven’s body at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals by yesterday.

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