MAN LOSES WIFE TO BROTHER | A Hatfield woman has left her husband to live with his brother. Tsitsi Mandityira, 33, had the temerity to invite her husband’s brother Tendai Usai, 36, home where Joseph Usai (the husband) found them sleeping in the same room but different places. Tendai was sleeping on the floor while Tsitsi was on the bed when Joseph walked in on them.


Tsitsi packed her belongings and dumped their two kids at her mother’s house and is now sharing an apartment with Tendai following their trip to China. She is demanding 12 cattle and $8000 from Joseph to return home. Joseph, a security guard narrated how he was ill-treated by Tsitsi after Tendai joined his family from South Africa where he had lost his job.

“My wife was lured by the love of money. I regret accommodating my biological brother Tendai into my house after he lost his job in South Africa where he had been staying for the past 14 years,” said Joseph. “On my wedding day in 2012, Tendai was my best man and I did not know that he was salivating over my wife. I came from night duty and found Tendai sleeping on the floor in my bedroom where my wife was sleeping and they denied cheating.

Joseph told H-Metro that the two recently went to China where Tsitsi’s brother is based.“Tendai avakundidyira zvinhu zvangu nekureba, it pains me so much and my mother advised me to move on with my life. He lost his job in South Africa I am the one who suggested to my wife that we accommodate him unaware that he would betray me. Ndakarera imbwa nemukaka nhasi yondirumira mukadzi nevana zvese, my children’s life have been affected by Tendai’s shenanigans with my wife.

Tendai has four children with different mothers who are all in South Africa and my kids are now living with my mother-in-law who is standing with Tsitsi in her illicit affair with my brother. “As we speak, I do not know where Tsitsi and Tendai are staying and my children have been dumped after she moved out of the house,” narrated Joseph.

Tendai denied taking over Joseph’s wife blaimg his younger brother for failing to support his family.

“My younger brother was angered by my trip with Tsitsi to China and he is threatening to kill me but honestly speaking his dressing is so shabby and he smokes mbanje too much,” said Tendai. “I am not in love with his wife as alleged, it is a taboo since Tsitsi is married to my younger brother and I was the best man on their wedding. He is the one who offered me at his house and he introduced me to his kids.

The day he came and saw me sleeping on the floor in his bedroom was after Tsitsi’s brother visited with his girlfriend and I could not share blankets with them as they are in-laws. Akandirwisa achinditi ndirikumutarisira pasi. Joseph is threatening to kill me but I am after helping him from evil things he did to his in-laws that Tsitsi wants 12 cattle and $8000 to return home.

I am working hard to bail him out and at the moment we are sharing a two-bedroomed apartment here in Harare and I have my girlfriends that I cannot bed Tsitsi,” said Tendai.

Tsitsi denied replacing Joseph with his eldest brother saying her decision to dump him was failure to support his family and cheating. “Joseph must explain fully why I decided to leave him and the main reason is his failure to support the family leaving it to his brother Tendai to do it,” said Tsitsi. I am not in love with Tendai but we are now partners in business that is why we are sharing an apartment together to make things easier.

I cannot be Tendai’s wife since I was the one who was the middle person on is affairs to his girlfriends that as we speak I am on way to attend a funeral of one of his girlfriends who was my favourite. Our visit to China was strictly business and I want to believe that Joseph was disturbed by the photographs of me and Tendai in China that used on my whatsapp as profile pictured. On the day Tendai slept in my bedroom, he never made sexual advances as alleged but we were giving space to my brother who visited with his girlfriend.

Joseph cheated on me with several women including my maids that I forced him to sleep on a veranda many days because it affected me.

He has to pay 12 cattle for 12 incidents where I caught him bedding women and $8000 to replace money he stole from the house and from my mother.


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