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Man Flees Court

Man Flees Court

Man Flees Court

A MT HAMPDEN man was arrested in the basement at Harare Magistrate’s Court after he attempted to flee from court.

He was due to answer to unlawful entry charges. Cuthbert Chidemo was captured by H-Metro when he arrived at court as he was entering the court building and as soon as he had gone through vetting, he ran away from the police officer who had brought him to court and went to the basement used by prison officers to bring in suspects.

A manhunt did not yield anything until one of the caretakers went into the basement where he found Chidemo changing into another set of clothes. That led to his arrest.

Chidemo was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga, who remanded him in custody to today when he is expected to also answer to the charge of escaping from legal custody.

The court heard that on October 3, Chidemo unlawfully entered a property in West Road, Avondale and stole four 20 litres jerry cans of petrol, 60 litres of diesel and two empty 25 litre jerry cans.

Chidemo was reportedly captured on CCTV which the State is ready to produce during trial.

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