Home LOCAL NEWS Man fired from church for sleeping with senior members wives strikes again

Man fired from church for sleeping with senior members wives strikes again

Man fired from church for sleeping with senior members wives strikes again

Bhekisisa Bhebhe has not only been bonking a number of women, but was at one time pimping out his longtime girlfriend to different men including his friends, after which he would ask her to give him intimate details of her se_xual escapades with them.

Your significant other is supposed to love and protect you from the dangers of the world but Bhebhe, a rare breed of a man, did the opposite to his young girlfriend as he would identify men for her to seduce.

WhatsApp chats that B-Metro is in possession of, reveal Bhebhe to be a man who gets off from his girlfriend’s se_xual exploits. Instead of discouraging her from being promiscu0us, the Plumtree businessman even persuaded her to try having se_xual orgies with him and his friends.

At first, the girlfriend named Sikhue, refused to do so as she said that she only wanted to be with him, but after much cajoling, the love-struck woman agreed to his requests. It is not known if the orgies happened as the chats did not reveal.

The chats also indicate that Bhebhe and Sikhue’s se_xual appetite was too high as they shared sordid details of the number of partners they had slept with and were targeting to sleep with.

Bhebhe is legally married to Rebecca Bhebhe, a medical doctor based in Britain. The wife filed for divorce.

He has been in the crosshairs of B-Metro for the past three weeks as new details of his love for the forbidden fruit keep coming in.

Guta RaMwari Zvimiso (GRMZ), the church that he goes to suspended him after he was found guilty of having a se_xual relationship with a senior church member and a large number of women.

Bhebhe and Sikhue refused to comment when B-Metro reached out to them. They did not respond to numerous calls and WhatsApp messages. B-Metro could not reproduce the over 15 000 words chats but accompanying this story are a chosen few…

Bhebhe: “F*c* the monya hun kkkk”
Sikhue : “umonya ka…yisudla. I d’nt like izidudla.
Bhebhe: “Hahaha isududla simnandi hun try and taste uzobona hun.”
Bhebhe: “Try hun big is good.”
Bhebhe: “Hahaha asime sibone ukuthi uzacela love but indlela athanda ngakhona ….kangiboni ukuthi angakucabanga even lokhu”
Bhebhe : “When babe? that is sounding exciting and stunning babe …what happened my love …How did you f*c * him and where Hun?
Sikhue : “You know i f*ck* well babes even if it’s a once off i make sure the receiver knows ukuthi u Skhue ngubani mpela.”
Bhebhe: “Kwadla isdudla Sami etoilet Hun kwasichamela too much (.”
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Yes love sivule lonke isdudla Hun shame silichaye ig*l* Hun kuzithaphuzela love.”
Bhebhe : “Did he lick your private parts and after that you had se_x (name withheld).”
Sikhue replied and said: “Yes he licked.”
Sikhue: “ Are u h**ny, come get some.”
Sikhue: “So uyangiz*k*la ngaphi love ?
Bhebhe: “ In the car love .Ok love will come f**k you.”
Sikhue said : “ Love ungithele ichocolate
Sikhue : “ Nanso imb*m*u yakho . Ifuna umnikazi wayo.
Sikhue : “Hayi babe kanti why are u encouraging this kkkk kodwa shuwa.”
Sikhue : “ Love, ukuhlala six months ungangikhweli-yikuba busy kumbe kawusangifuni, angisakwazi phela mina
Bhebhe : “Ok love I will make a plan”
Sikhue: “Oku Fa kwaphosa kwakuthathela umfazi love.”
Bhebhe : “ Kwakudla?
Sikhue : “Let me be honest. Kwangidla on two occasions. . We were now dating. Then Mande told him to stay away cause I am yours. Wathi yena angeke adle same mganu lo Mdala.
Bhebhe : “Usile love kwakudle nga Sikhue : “At the office . On another day Kwangidlela ku bathroom floor love and eish kwayikbotha imb*mb* love khona kuyatshaya shem love akudlali njalo kkk. Satshaya two good ones he made me scream shem.”
Sikhue : “Kwasekuhlanya lakho phela love most of the days kwakungiletha ngkhaya nge quantum n Mande just had to disturb lol.” Bhebhe: “ Ulamanga awukadlanga kayi two love I am sure many times love .”
Sikhue: “Hayi mina i liked it the most when he was on top so those were the ones babe plus he’s too tiny ngangingeke ngimkhwele mina kkkk Bhebhe: “What about JB. Did you sleep with him.”
Sikhue: “U Jb. Hayi ngitsho. Never lol. But nga wacela i won’t lie I’d probably have said yes. He’s a catch.”
Bhebhe: “Send him a message and fuck him. Umfazi wakhe uyimbulu.”
Bhebhe: “Omunye owamdlayo ngubani love tell just be honest.
Sikhue: “Kuthiwa ngu Givie.”
Bhebhe: “Ha ha ha what happened how and wakudla njani love?
Sikhue: “Slept over at his place on three different nights. Ah ngamchaza umfana love ama all night anytime esefuna waye phumputha kuphela ngivuke ngimnike love.”
Bhebhe: Ha ha ha how many rounds per night Hun”
Sikhue: “: Three always babes n then ma ngilala eish ngangigonwa blind kumbe wayethi ngizabaleka ebusuku yini eish..”
Bhebhe: “U TK ufuna ukukudla love.
Sikhue: “Wafuna kudala lo but wayevele ekwazi ngingo wakho n oku Saru made sure to remind him engenza ama funnies.”
Bhebhe: “Manje u Blee umudla nini my love.”
Sikhue: I loved doing it with a Kalanga . Uthwele love. Wathi ma imile iyafika 17 cm so ngiyesaba mina”
Bhebhe : “Bathini love bakuz*k* nini Hun?
Sikhue: “Umkhalanga i deleted his number babes. Ble kakatsho. Fa I dnt talk to him lol.”
Bhebhe : “So oku FAA love akuzake kucele futhi Hun lamanje.
Bhebhe : “Who else did you date love?
Sikhue : “ A police officer based at Central police station.”
Bhebhe : “Was it at the station Hun.”
Sikhue: “We booked somewhere.”
Sikhue : Mina I fu**ed a Senegalese love and he had a tiny dick
Bhebhe : “ Yeah kwakuyi marathon
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: “But they are big Hun those guys though.
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: One friend of mine f**ked Nomsa until she fainted lol
Sikhue : Not that one lol
Sikhue : Hahahaha akekho strong u Cc Nomsa.
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Nomsa can f**k love but she fainted
Sikhue: U say she can f**k like you’ve fucked her love
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Yes love we fu**ed shame big time love and a lot.”
Bhebhe: “Wanted a f**k”.
Sikhue: “Manje am on my monthly love . Next week.
Bhebhe: “Hope and trust ipholisa kumbe ikhalanga love liyabe lingakangidleli kumbe lomalayisha Hun okungo FAA Hun.”
Bhebhe : Need that pu**y Hun.”
Sikhue : “Pu**y needs you too love. One day ngizakwenzela I lap dance and shake this booty for you.”
Bhebhe : “Ngin*antsha khonapho love. Vele luhle lume mpo
Sikhue : “Wena un**ntsha ungavele ubone isdudla sakho sinqunu love kkkk.You get aroused when you see my naked body.”
Sikhue : “Phela love wena ungumtshina I swear I come three times in one round🤭kuyabe kumnandi shem.
Bhebhe : “Lawe love kuyafiwa Hun.(You are also good in bed )
Bhebhe: “Then we do a deal babe in meantime we fuck Hun and then a week or so three some you me and one friend of yours Hun.”
Sikhue : “I have no friends in zim love all my girls’ r out of the country hey.”
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Layala ideal Lina love legang se_x shame usuthi lowo .
She was going to get the best f**k of her life and she refused
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: You will be surprised and bet you he will Hun lets bet kikiki
Sikhue: Wayala ngoba lawe wawuphakathi kwe deal kkkk love😂😂😂
Sikhue : Hahaha love akungiyekele am way too old for him kkkk
Bhebhe: So what love that is what spices up gang se_x Hun people you know and you drink and smoke and f**k and enjoy and period Hun .
She was a coward and missed out Hun
Sikhue – Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Ben 10 love plus monya versus sdudla Hun .
He will ask for a f**k Hun watch babe
Sikhue : Lol kkkk that is true. Let’s have a there some🙈🙈
Sikhue : Haha ah kodwa shuwa babes
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Ha ha ha threesome you mean
Sikhue: Yes i meant that
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Will you f**k him Hun if he does becos he will trust me .
Bhebhe : Just once and taste him and f**k his nuts out Hun
Sikhue: Not the ben 10 hun he’s not my type i dnt do izdudla kkkk
Sikhue: Whom shd i f**k lol love r we still talking abt monya or abt the American
Bhebhe: Ha ha ha love Moe is a Ben 10 babe ….
Sikhue: U Mo kaso sdudla babes kkkk
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: F**k the monya Hun kikiki
Sikhue: U Monya ka Nobu yisdudla honey
sikhue: Hayi angifuni kkkkk he’s too big hahaha nga wambona
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: She can f**k love and she is good hey babe
Sikhue: Yep and she has a big ass🙊
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Ha ha ha isdudla simnandi Hun try and taste uzabona Hun
Bhebhe: Try Hun big is good babe .F**k his brains out love
Sikhue: Hayi babe kanti why are u encouraging this kkkk kodwa shuwa
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: So what is plan for three some Hun ….
Sikhue: Hayi uzangihlupha mina kangfuni ma problems😂😂
Sikhue: U mean the american🙈
Bhekisisa Bhebhe: Ha ha ha uyabe usumenzeni love usum*k* like crazy Hun .f**k him once and tell him it is once Hun and that is it babe kikikik
Bhebhe: American is in jhb and then bots so end of October Hun yes fine .Want to watch you fuck him big time love .
Sikhue: Ah babe uthi enga understand mina sengimtshela ukuthi yi once off yena se tastile wezwa ukuthi ziyakhupha uyabe ezangihlupha
Bhebhe: Then we do a deal babe in meantime we fuck Hun and then a week or so three some you me and one friend of yours Hun .
Sikhue: Kkkk ok love hahaha u will get horny big time from watching love
Bhebhe: You tell him Hun once and that is it period babe .uzavuma Hun ….you will be surprised and enjoy it like crazy Hun .
Sikhue : That you will never regret babe ….try it Hun
Sikhue: I have no friends in zim love all my girls r out of the country hey
Bhebhe: Yes after that I will fuck you Will watch you fuck him hard and then I will do my thing after him Hun
Sikhue: 🙈🙈hahaha umuntu uyabe eyabuya esuthi over nge langa lakhona babes
Sikhue: Mna ngamtshela wayala ngathi sizadakwa yena wala
Bhebhe: Ok heish problem is my own car Hun but would love to f*ck you babe
Sikhue : Kwakuyakuya njani esezo vela u Karol abone nanso i ex yakhe sizothatha umnawakhe o finish. Wanted kids n all. Hmmm i cldnt be that bad of a sister lol😂😂😂
Bhebhe: Ha ha lol Hun when did you f**k him babes

Chats to continue next week..

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