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Man demands lobola after fiancée pictures leak


Man demands lobola after fiancée pictures leak

A Bulawayo man wants his lobola money back after his girlfriend posted her nudes on Facebook.

Talent Dzitiro from Entumbane suburb reportedly demanded his lobola money back from his girlfriend Lwazi Mhlanga after discovering that everyone was getting a glimpse of her body.

Dzitiro reportedly also lost his temper and threatened to kill Mhlanga.

Fearing for her life, Mhlanga sought a protection order against Dzitiro.

In her application Mhlanga said: “My ex-boyfriend threatened to kill me last week. He forced me to board a commuter omnibus and took me to a lodge. He locked me inside and threatened to kill me. When we left the lodge he took my bag so that I would not leave him. He later locked me inside his house until I was rescued by the police.

“He threatens to visit where I work and embarrass me. I now fear to go to my workplace as he swears that he will do something that I do not know when he gets me. He also sends messages and audios which are nasty and they bring fear to me. May he be ordered not to come to my place of residence and not to threaten or assault me.”

Dzitiro hit back at Mhlanga and revealed why he threatened her.

“I am opposed to the application. It is the first time that I’m hearing that I’m her ex-boyfriend. The thing is I always reprimand her about her style and her dressing. Recently I reprimanded her for posting nudes on Facebook,” he said.

He added: “When I met her she had a child and I paid the bride price. I was supposed to pay off the balance soon. I want my bride price money back.”

Magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube ordered Dzitiro not to communicate with Mhlanga anymore, not to visit or enter her place of residence and not to threaten her.

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