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Man Commits Suicide Over Father’s Death!

Man Commits Suicide Over Father's Death!

A dark cloud hung over Nhangedzwa farm compound in Mhangura after two family members died last week.

Mashonaland West Provincial Police Spokesperson Assistant inspector Ian Kohwera told H-Metro that the incident happened on October 27, at Nhangedzwa farm, in Mhangura.

He said that the circumstances of the incident happened at 2pm, when the now late, Nicholas Chatumbuka Junior, (23) received a death message about the untimely passing on of his father, Nicholas Chatumbuka (52) — in a road traffic accident — from Jaison Chinovainzwa (56) of Plot 8 Pfupi farm, Mhangura.

“On October 28, his body was found hanging on a tree branch by Alvin Chimanga (24) of D27 Dzimba Village, Mhangura,” “He reported the matter to Mhangura police who attended the scene and his body was ferried to Makonde Christian Hospital mortuary for a post mortem,” said Kohwera.

He appealed to members of the public to value the sanctity of life and to solve issues amicably as the police is worried by the upsurge of suicide cases in the province.

Nicholas Chatumbuka senior was buried on Friday and his son on Saturday, as the commu-nity believed that if they bury him the same time with his father, calamity might befall the family.

A neighbour, who asked not to be identified, said that the late Chatumbuka senior was a multi-talented person as he was
a mechanic, welder, electrician, irrigation and borehole specialist, motorcycle and generator repairer, although he had not been to school.

“The family was at each other’s throats as there was suspi-cion of witchcraft, ” he said. However, Mondreck Chimanga, brother to the late Chatumbuka, told H-Metro that his young brother had shown suicidal tendencies in the afternoon, when he wanted to kill himself, before being restrained by alert neighbours.

“I think he over reacted due to stress. He tried to take his life around 2pm, but the neighbours quickly restrained him from committing suicide, by tak-ing away the rope he had,” said Chimanga.

“However, during the evening, he sneaked out of the room and people ran after him, but he dis-appeared into the darkness,” “We later found his body hanging on a tree branch in the morning,” he said.