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Man caught cheating, kills himself after wife remains silent

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Man caught cheating, kills himself after wife remains silent.

H-Metro reports that Kelvin Mukungwa, 39, is reported to have only returned home in the late hours of Tuesday last week. He then committed suicide the next morning after his wife had taken the school children to school. She is the one who later discovered the body.

Another Woman dies in Bulawayo CBD streetIn a sad development, a man from Glen Norah who spent the weekend away from his home is reported to have committed suicide on his return after his wife chose not to inquire about his whereabouts over the weekend.

A family spokesperson who spoke to the publication said. His wife found Kelvin’s body hanging upon her return from taking children to school, and I want to believe he felt ashamed to face his wife. He has two children, and I think akundwa nenyadzi since his wife never asked him about where he had been for two days.

However, some of his friends told the publication that they suspected that Kelvin was already troubled because he had some unresolved issues at home. One source told, H-Metro.

Kelvin surprised his friends on Monday when he bought beer for everyone who was in the bar, and he has not been going home. He asked one of his friends for a jersey to put on since it was cold. He would come early in the morning visiting his friends for the past two days.

I want to believe that he had an unresolved issue with his wife because in 2016 he downed rat poison, but survived. Mourners are gathered at House 512, Glen Norah.



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