Home LOCAL NEWS Man busted at the alter marrying another speaks, “SHE DUMPED ME”

Man busted at the alter marrying another speaks, “SHE DUMPED ME”

Married Man Caught, Humiliated on the alter as he tries to marry another woman

The man who was busted trying to marry another woman has said his wife of 11 years dumped him when he lost his job. Abraham Muyunda, who works for Zambia Revenue Authority, is said to be married to Caroline Mubita and they have three children together.

Muyunda claimed that Caroline left him in 2013  and only resurfaced to cause trouble after seeing that he has become successful.

Caroline on the other hand claimed that she was still staying with Muyunda. In fact she said they slept together the day before the wedding after she told her that he was going out of town on duty.

Caroline was tipped by vigilant neighbours that her husband was about to wed another woman and she rushed to the church together with her kids and distrupted the ceremony.

“This man is my husband. We haven’t divorced. We haven’t separated, we never quarrelled. He slept with this morning. He is from home. I don’t know what is happening here” she said.

It has since emerged that the family of the man knew about the wedding and were fully involved in the planning. They all attended the traditional wedding ceremony held few days before the white wedding in the bride’s home.

Videos and photos from the well-attended ceremony has been posted on Facebook.

“The lady has a lot of money. She sponsored everything and she has been sponsoring family of the man who was to marry her. You can see from the video that the lady was not shocked at all. She knew that he was married.”

Man busted at the alter marrying another speaks, "SHE DUMPED ME"

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