An affair with the bishop’s wife has landed a Chipinge man in court. Ndodini Mujeki has since been fined $1 000 for having an adulterous relationship with the wife of Gilbert Mashava, a Zion Apostolic Church bishop in Chipinge.


The court heard that at an unknown date, Mujeki proposed to Mashava’s wife, Anna and she accepted. Mujeki would visit the bishop’s wife for trysts when her husband was away.

“The incident lowered my standing as a family man in the society and a bishop with Zion Apostolic Church. Therefore, on this basis I claim $3 000 from the defendant,” said Mashava. However, Mujeki said Mashava was conveniently raising the issue as a smokescreen to cover up the fact that he was reluctant to pay him  for working in his field.

“Since 2004, I have been working in the plaintiff’s field at his instigation. When I eventually claimed my dues, he then fabricated these adultery allegations. I have never slept with Mashava’s wife at all,” said Mujeki.

However magistrate Gwezhira fined Mujeki $1 000 after it was proved beyond reasonable doubt that he really had an affair with the bishop’s wife.