A MBARE man has appeared in court for allegedly accusing his workmate of witchcraft and eating human flesh.

Phillip Chapinduka, 30, pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Isabel Nyoni charged with disorderly conduct.The matter was remanded to February 15 for trial.

During cross examination, Chapinduka defended himself saying he had found the complainant and another workmate gossiping about him.

The accused then asked if it was because Closy was angry due to the fact that he had rebuked him about his behaviour at work of eating meat from the other employee’s plates without their consent.

The State represented by Sybil Makumborenga, alleged that on 27 December last year, at around 5pm, the complainant Samuel Closy was given the task by his boss to be in charge of the other security guards that were to guard at Hunyani Papers and this did not go well with the accused.

Chapinduka told the other workmates that they should be aware of Closy because he was a witch.

The complainant confronted Chapinduka about the issue who responded by shouting and scolding Closy citing ‘uri muroyi anodya nyama dzevanhu and therefore I cannot work under your supervision.

Closy lodged a complainant with the police leading to Chapinduka’s arrest.



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