A 54-year old Lupane man who had been troubled by the mysterious deaths of his cattle will forever rue the day he was advised to sleep with a juvenile in a bid to end the spell, after he was arrested for rape.

The accused rapist whose name cannot be revealed to protect the identity of the 7-year old girl, his niece who he raped, had reportedly sought the advice of a sangoma as a remedy to his depleting herd.

The plague which resulted in the deaths of his herd prompted the now incarcerated man’s family raising eyebrows and he ended up turning to the sangoma for help.

Sources revealed to the state media that when he contacted the traditional healer, the man was advised to sleep with a minor aged between 5 and 10 years to get rid of the spell which mysteriously killed his cattle in a space of just seven days.

And, quite astonishingly, the man believed what the sangoma advised him and decided to bed his 7-year old niece.

“Seeing that his wife had gone to fetch firewood and the minor girl was left alone, he lured her into his bedroom hut and gave her some sweets. After that he asked her to sleep with him on the bed. The unsuspecting minor girl didn’t refuse. He played with her till she fell asleep,” the source revealed.

He exploited the opportunity and allegedly raped her once, said the source.

After forcing his manhood on the minor, the man warned the juvenile against revealing the incident to anyone else.

But the girl failed to withstand the pain on her private parts and ended up narrating the sexual abuse ordeal to his mother.

Subsequently, the girl’s mother reported the matter to the police leading to the man’s arrest.

Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku yesterday remanded the man in custody for routine remand.

He was advised to appeal for bail at the High Court.

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