A Man from Madlambuzi was yesterday fined $50 for assaulting his sister-in-law in a dispute over a field.

Dumezweni Sibanda (44) of Hingwe village under Chief Madlambuzi pleaded not guilty to assault but was convicted by Plumtree resident magistrate, Mr Taurai Manwere. The magistrate said if Sibanda fails to pay the fine, he will serve 15 days in prison.

In his defence, Sibanda said his sister-in-law, Mrs Margaret Sibanda, wanted to attack him with an axe and he forcibly disarmed her, causing her to fall face down.

He said he was angry after she accused him of being a ra_pist who once violated his own mother.

“Margaret was carrying an axe when she approached me. She insulted me saying I was a ra_pist who once raped my own mother. I got angry and advanced towards her. I took the axe by force resulting in her falling on her face and she got injured. I didn’t assault her,” said Sibanda.

Prosecutor, Ms Rose Sibanda said on November 30 at around 2PM, Mrs Sibanda was in her field at Hingwe communal lands in the company of her sister, Ms Tshipiwo Tshuma when Sibanda approached them while in the company of his friend, Bonani Moyo.
She said Mrs Sibanda greeted him but he did not respond.

Sibanda allegedly started to cut down trees inside the field, and his sister-in-law tried to stop him but he ignored her and insulted her using vulgar words.

He then allegedly armed himself with a switch which he used to assault her all over the body.

The court heard that he also used fists to assault her on the face and she sustained serious injuries.

Realising that her sister was in danger, Ms Tshuma shouted for help and other villagers rushed to the scene and intervened.

Mrs Sibanda made a police report leading to Sibanda’s arrest.



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