Man Bails Out Violent Friend From Jail, Friend Stabs Him To Death Months Later

Good deed gone wrong – 42-year-old Dominic Kotze was allegedly stabbed by his’ trusted’ friend whom he had bailed out of prison.

Man Bails Out Violent Friend From Jail, Friend Stabs Him To Death Months Later

Dominic had been suffering abuse of his friend for a long time, and the trouble had started some months ago when the two started fighting because the friend wasn’t working and was just sitting at home.

His other friends Marumo Bodibe (39) and Charles Hlatshwayo (39) from Savanna City, De Deur, in the Vaal revealed that Dominic’s friend came up from the Eastern Cape some months ago after he bailed him out of jail.

“Dominic got him a job but he worked for just one day and resigned,” he said.

“He was tired of being abused and he told us he wanted his friend to pack up and go back to the Eastern Cape,” Marumo said.

“He said he was going to take him to Park Station on Sunday. But that was the last time we saw our friend!”

When Dominic disappeared, Marumo and Charles became worried. They then drove around Vaal looking for him and constantly phoning his number.To their surprise, they saw Dominic’s friend on the road, driving his car.

“We followed him to a pawn shop and saw him getting out of the car with Dominic’s TV set. We parked behind him so he couldn’t get away,” Charles said.

When he came out they grabbed him and took him to the cop shop.

“At the police station, he didn’t talk sense and he had blood all over his jeans.

“We took the cops to the house and we found traces of blood that had been cleaned up.”

“The cops called for the dog unit and they traced the body. A shocking discovery was made in the coal box of a neighbor’s empty house,” Marumo said.

It appeared Dominic had been stabbed to death and his body shoved into the box.



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