MAN AXES PREGNANT WOMAN | A 58-YEAR-OLD man is on the run after he struck a heavily pregnant 20-year-old woman with an axe on the head and arm, leaving her for dead when her family’s goats devoured vegetables in his garden.


Mathibini Moyo of Gohole village, the son of a headman Mr Magijima Moyo under Chief Nyangazonke’s area in Maphisa, allegedly attacked his neighbor’s daughter, Miss Nomazulu Moyo (20), who says she is lucky to be alive.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident.

“We received the matter and we are investigating. Violence should never be a means to sort out disputes in the community.

“Anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the accused person should contact the police,” he said.

Miss Moyo said she was attacked last Saturday at around 10PM at her homestead and was admitted at Maphisa Hospital and later discharged.

Miss Moyo, the eldest in their family, lives with other families’ members and her parents are in South Africa.“I do not understand why he would single us out yet the goats had been a large herd from the whole village.

“He came to assault me because he saw that there was no elderly person to protect us and he took out his frustrations on us,” said Miss Moyo.

She said when Moyo approached her, he was armed with an axe, a chain and a stick.

“I was admitted at Maphisa Hospital and they gave me medication. I got eight stiches on my head where he struck me with an axe. It is very painful,” she said.

“At the hospital, they said there is nothing they can do as long as my arm is swollen so I should come back home and wait for the swelling to go down.”

Miss Moyo said the family did not visit her in hospital and none of the family members have come to check on her.

She said she was threatened with unspecified action if she reported the matter to the police.

“None of his family have come to apologise. We heard that he is staying in the mountains and his nephews go to give him food every day,” she said.

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