Police in Macheke have arrested a 37-year-old man who assaulted his girlfriend’s ex-husband after he found the two discussing the upkeep of their children.


The sight of his girlfriend in a discussion with her ex-husband did not go well with Tinei Makoni, who lost his temper and assaulted Asin Hiter in the head with an axe, resulting in the latter sustaining serious injuries.

Mashonaland East acting provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the arrest, which he said occurred on Friday last week.

“Asin Hiter of Wenimbi in Macheke was at his house talking to his ex-wife Shorai Munodawafa about their children,” he said.

“While in discussion, Makoni, who is Shorai’s boyfriend, appeared with an axe hidden behind his back and told Hiter that he had no right to talk to his girlfriend.”

Hiter told Makoni that he had no right to bar him from talking to her because they had children together, Asst Insp Mwanza said.

“The response did not go down well with Makoni, who allegedly pulled out his axe and aimed it at Hiter’s head, but he missed,” he said.

“Hiter fell down, and Makoni took advantage of that and struck him on the head with the axe, causing a deep cut.”

Asst Insp Mwanza said Hiter got to his feet and tried to flee, but he was hit on his left shoulder with a catapult.