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Man Arrested For Lying To Immigration Officers He Is Running An Errand For ED’s Son Sakhile

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A 67-year-old man who was planning to cross the border into neighboring South Africa will rue the day he decided to lie to immigration officers as he had to part with his $6000 after he was arrested for attempting to force immigration officers to allow him to pass into SA on the basis that he was running an errand for President Mnangagwa’s son Sakhile, The Sunday Mail reports.

The matter came to light when Frank Munhukwaye of Highfield stood before Miss Eunice Chimweta facing charges of contravening the Criminal Law (Reform and Codification) Act.

It is the state’s case that:

On January 15, Munhukwaye arrived at the border post at around 4pm where he attempted to intimidate immigration officials to allow him passage under the guise of running errands for the President’s son.

The court heard that while at the port of entry, he approached the head of the station, Mr Nqobile Ncube, indicating that he was on a secret operation and must be allowed passage into the neighboring country.

He was asked to produce his passport and Government identification documents.

The State said: Munhukwaye could only produce an ordinary passport before indicating that he had been sent to undertake some errands by the President’s son.

Mr Sakhile Mnangagwa was contacted and he denied having any relationship with the accused. The matter was reported to the police leading to Munhukwaye’s arrest.

South Africa last week closed its land borders till 15 February due to the COVID-19 second wave which is affecting many Southern African countries including Zimbabwe.

Source | The Sunday Mail