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Man (20) killed own brother “because he was our father’s fvourite”

Ibrahim Abdullahi, a 20-year-old cattle rustler and convicted kidnapper who allegedly perfected the robbery and murder of his elder brother, Kadade, was arrested in Amana MaiKasuwa, Kaduna district.

Abdulahi, who has been arrested alongside one Hassan Amadu, was said to have hired an armed robber gang of five people. But three months later, he got into trouble.

He said in his confession; “My father married four wives, and had so many kids. I don’t know what was so different about Kadade that my dad would have preferred him to his other kids.

I was never sent to normal school, in Kaduna, but to Arabic school. Just Kadade attended the primary and secondary schools. My father said he wanted us all to be farmers, but he kept calling us analphabets who can’t speak English.

How do I speak English when my dad hasn’t sent me to school? I had to marry to persuade him I was old enough to take on responsibilities. My father gave me only 20 cows and two parcels of land once I got married.

My brother was selling some cows and making N1.7million, and making noise. My dad was very happy about it too, and asked him to keep all the money.

We had been expecting him to share the money. I was so broke that day, and asked for money from my father. He began to taunt me and challenged me to try to be as responsible as Kadade.

I was so angry and I called our gang leader, Haruna, right away and told him about the money in my room. I asked them to come and make sure they ‘d kill my brother, too.

Although I regret my action now, I thought his death would make it possible for my father to manage some of his businesses. My dad was saddened but I consoled him that this was the will of God.

I went to meet them in the bush in the morning and they told me that they found just N300,000 with my uncle. Since I was the one who brought the work, I collected N100,000 as my share.’

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