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Malema Attacks Chamisa

Julius Malema

Malema Attacks Chamisa

South African opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Mr Julius Malema has said the MDC Alliance must stop using rallies as a measure of success as that demonstrates political immaturity.

Commenting on Zimbabwe’s recent elections in one of South Africa’s television stations, Mr Malema said the use of rally attendance in the run up to polls to dispute their outcome does not show political maturity.

“I had a problem when the MDC Alliance said they were not accepting elections which were not pronouncing them winners. Even before the elections and they say look at our rallies. So if we use rallies to measure success in terms of elections, then why go to elections? Then let’s just look at rallies and decide. EFF rallies are always big, but we are not in government. It cannot be a measure. We must be democratic people,” said Mr Malema.

He said leaders must demonstrate maturity and dignity and set an example for their followers.

“We must be so dignified, even in defeat. What makes you a statesman is the ability to accept defeat, even if you have your doubts. Just say it’s ok. Chamisa has done very well to put the Zanu-PF presidential candidate at 50,8 percent,” said Mr Malema.

He encouraged political parties to learn to accept democratic outcomes even if they are not in their favour.

Mr Malema said violence had no space in African politics as it had proven to escalate matters, and less of a solution.

“You cannot anticipate results. It is unacceptable. Let us learn to accept democratic outcomes. Violence in Africa can never be a solution,” he said.

Mr Malema hailed Zimbabweans for conducting free and fair elections which he earlier referred to as an essential part of democracy.

“Zimbabwean elections were smooth, peaceful and democratic. The opposition made victory pronouncements before and after, in turn inciting violence by only accepting a result which favoured them,” he said.

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