Home LOCAL NEWS Male Thigh Vendor assaulted for dumping client

Male Thigh Vendor assaulted for dumping client

Male Thigh Vendor assaulted for dumping client

Male Thigh Vendor assaulted for dumping client

A male thigh vendor from Mkoba suburb in Gweru who has been masquerading as a woman for the past five years was recently assaulted by his client after discovering that the thigh vendor was actually a man.

Male Thigh Vendor assaulted for dumping client

The incident occurred at the popular Mpambadzire night club in Mkoba 6 shopping centre after the man,Bismarck  Damba, who was popularly known as Cynthia Damba was exposed.

Patience Moyo, a vendor who witnessed the incident unfolding said everyone was shocked to discover the “woman” they had known for years was a man.

“We have known Cynthia for quite some time now and it is disturbing and shocking to find out that she is a ‘man’. We have known her for more than five years, and we never at any time suspected that ‘she’ might be lying about her identity,” said Moyo.

Tatenda Chiminya who works as a cashier in one of the shops at the shopping centre said it remained a mystery how Damba managed to fool everyone.

“What remains a mystery is how he managed to convince everyone that he is a ‘woman’. How then was he sleeping with clients for the past five years? And in those five years, none of his clients noticed that he is a man pretending to be a woman. He was also part of an all-female dance group that always performed in the club. The whole incident feels like a script from a movie,” she said.

A female thigh worker who declined to be named and works in the same night club said it was a relief that Damba was finally caught.

He was taking our clients from us and to us it’s a relief that he has been exposed because our clients will finally come back to us,” she said.



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