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Makore Family protests against Thanks release

Makore Family protests against Thanks release

Riled by the granting of bail to murder suspect Thanks Makore, Makore’s extended family on Saturday left their Murewa rural home and besieged his homestead in Damofalls demanding that he be taken to jail.

Thanks was on Thursday granted $10 000 bail by the High Court in a case where is accused of having a hand in the murder of his nephew Tapiwa Makore , 7, for ritual purposes where the head, arms and limps were allegedly taken for juju rituals.

Led by the late Tapiwa’s mother Linda Munyori, Makore family members arrived at Damofalls in Ruwa aboard three vehicles with placards, some of them written, “We want way forward taneta nekugara” and “No bail Thanks mhondi”.

Damofalls residents gathered in their support chanting songs against the release of Thanks on bail and police moved and controlled the situation.

Munyori said their visit was for them to meet Thanks as a family member following his release to discuss the way forward since the murdered Tapiwa’s torso was yet to be buried.

“We are grieving and I am yet to accept that my child’s life ended in such a way but today I saw it better to come and meet the family for way forward,” said Munyori in tears.

She added:

“We are not here to cause any harm since the harm has already been done and some parts of Tapiwa’s body are yet to be found.

“Police picked several people in our village for questioning and they released them, but thanks were arrested and appeared in court; why did the judiciary see it best to grant him bail?

“Is it the lack of evidence? Won’t they interfere with witnesses and further terrorise villagers and their families?

“There is need to respect the sanctity of life when they grant bail to murder suspects before their cases are heard. We begin to fear.

“This is the least I can say about this,” she said.

Police addressed the demonstrators and urged them to vacate the place, telling them to respect the court’s decision and wait for the finalization of the case.

The Makore family is expected to bury Tapiwa’s remains on January 9, 2021 in Murewa.


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