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Makandiwa Celebrates His Birthday


Prophet Makandiwa, founder at UFIC, celebrated his birthday on 20 December with a message titled ‘Wisdom for 2021’.

Makandiwa was born on 20 December 1977.

He thanked his spiritual father, Kusi Boateng, his wife and his church members for their support.

Below are the key points from Makandiwa ‘s sermon.

1. You must have something to do with the time that you have been given.

2. In 2021, you will perish or survive because of the wisdom you have.

3. It’s a disaster when someone finds themselves in a place that they have never been. If you find yourself in a place that you don’t know how you got there.

4. There are places that God does not want us to stay there, but to pass through for your sanctification.

5. If you find yourself in a place where your forefathers have never been, you must investigate why they never achieved the life that they desired.

6.The devil has been trying for over a year now to make sure that you are detached from the reality of life. The ultimate objective is so that you are detached from God.

7. They want to make sure you are influenced by chemicals that you can’t control. Distancing you from the creator is the ultimate goal.

8. They have been trying to make sure that apart from being afraid of your friend, you are also afraid of yourself.

9. We have lost ourselves, not just our business or our families. People are angry. Having a mask on your face makes you angry, you just feel like beating up somebody up.

10. This is not where we used to be, there is wisdom that is needed to restore ourselves.

11. There are guys, who we find in scriptures who said ‘we know that our God is able to deliver us, but even if he dosent, we will still not bow down to you gods”.

12. The number of mistakes you keep on making is an indication of your maturity. You must pause for a moment and say what assisted me to make such mistakes? Who assisted me in achieving this mistake?

13. So many things contributed to that mistake. Don’t just investigate your age, but your maturity.

14. What have you done to your character that has disqualified you from achieving your 2021 resolutions?

15. If you are the same guy who is intimated by lies on social media, you will not achieve your resolutions.

16. A newly married couple who are not having a child, will enquire. They will do something physically to correct the problem.

17. Sometimes they do artificial insemination.

18. However, when it comes to the delivery of the baby, you need professional help. To move from 2020 to 2021, you need to have a professional so that you stop receiving fears from the previous year.

19. We are suffering problems this year that are coming from last year.

20. This happens because you are still attached with an umbilical cord to an old year.

21. There are people who take a long time when given good advice, but take a short time when given bad advice.

22. Look at a man or woman who is giving you advice and see why the same advise is not working for him.

23. Someone says to you there is a house and you must buy it and in 5 hours you have already transferred the money. Where is the due diligence, when did you verify the paperwork?

24. Take your time, don’t rush.

25. Why is it that you are not comfortable with the right people giving you the right wisdom?

26. Do you have the right wisdom for 2021 or is the wisdom you have for 2020.

27. Is the man advising you being advised. Has he overcome what you want to overcome?



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