Skit comic Felistas “Mai Titi” Maruta is scared, confused and enraged following an unceasing internet onslaught by a Dubai-based woman whom she wants arrested immediately and has committed to a trip to that country to settle the dispute.


The woman only identified as Presca Shyleen Paradzayi on Facebook, who is said to be wanted for similar antics on fellow countryman in South Africa where she reportedly escaped, threatened unknown action on Mai Titi whom she claims snatched her lover.

In an interview with The Standard Style on Friday, Mai Titi disclosed her fear describing the woman as a “demon that is tormenting me”.

“I am so afraid as we speak because I do not know what she is capable of after reading her threats which scare me, I want her to be deported and dealt with legally,” she said, adding that she had booked a flight out this weekend to help with investigations on the matter.

Apparently, Mai Titi has spoken to Paradzai’s mother who has disowned her daughter and roommates who told her that she is bad news.

According to Mai Titi, since the cyber-attack started she has had to visit the doctor as a result of high blood pressure caused by stress.

“I was going to let it go like I do with similar cases, but this has gone too far because she involved my children and almost cost me my marriage after my husband based in England started having insecurities over the matter,” said Mai Titi, who in an image being circulated on different platforms is pictured with fellow comedian Skimbo.

Consequently, a married Skimbo also came out in one of the dailies during the week professing ignorance of Presca.

“I am so hurt because Presca is haunting me. Every day I wake up to new things she continues to say about me which are tarnishing my brand and I just want to clear my name that is all,” he said.

However, an insistent Paradzayi shot back at the imminent visit by Mai Titi pledging to wipe her off the face of earth if she dares to track her down.

“Ungatode kuuya kuno kuDubai kuzonditsvaka unesimba. [You keep insisting on coming to Dubai to get me]. I swear, I’ll kill you…” she posted in a series of messages.

On the other hand, the comedian-cum-musician said some of her contracts have hit a a brickwall as a result of the attack which has also bruised her integrity in the Christian community, as well as in the business circles.

Cyberbullying has become a rampant practice in the country with celebrities and public figures being the most affected as government continues to teeter on the passing of the impending cyber bill into law.