Home Celebs Mai TT Blesses Friend With BMW After Getting Benz From Papa

Mai TT Blesses Friend With BMW After Getting Benz From Papa

Mai TT Blesses Friend With BMW After Getting Benz From Papa

Mai TT Blesses Friend With BMW After Getting Benz From Papa

Social media personality and comedienne Mai Titi has blessed her friend with a BMW vehicle as a sign of appreciation for loyalty. Mai Titi donated the car to her friend whom she referred to only as Wasu, one the same day that she received a Mercedez Benz from Prophet Passion Java.

The controversial and flamboyant man of the cloth donated two Mercedez Benz vehicles to Mai Titi and Madam Boss.

A few hours later, Mai Titi, real name Felistus Edwards, announced that she had given Wasu a BMW vehicle in appreciation for unwavering loyalty.

Mai Titi announced the development in a social media post on Friday night. Writing on Facebook, Mai Titi posted,

My dearest Wasu, we came from far together nobody knows your story but I’m glad I’m a part of it, in life, there are people who come to pass, some to teach us lessons, some to steal from us, some to destroy us but you came and became a part of my family.

They tried to separate us they failed, they tried to poison me through you they failed, they tried to finish me through you still they failed because you were that loyal.

Mai Titi Blesses Friend With BMW After Getting Benz From Prophet Passion

I appreciate you in so many ways and I wish you the best of life in all your endeavours, my dear. Such a humble soul no matter the rough patches you still smile 😊. If you ever going to leave my life I still wish you the very best but for now, just for being a good PA and a friend to me, this is my token of appreciation.

I wish I could do more for you but as of now drive the BMW I blessed you with and every time you do? remember me. It’s not a fancy car but it’s coming from my heart ❤️.

Thank you Wasu. Drive safe.
Yours … Mai Tt.

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