Mai Titi vs Madam Boss: New twist to the story as Madam Boss apologies


Mai Titi vs Madam Boss: New twist to the story as Madam Boss apologies.

Comedian Madam boss tendered a heartfelt apology to her fans over the social media wtangles between herself and fellow comedian Mai Titi.

She then reiterated the need to start each week afresh without repeating the mistakes of the previous week. She said that she wanted to apologise to her fans, the corporate world and to all her followers for the furore emanating from personal issues.

Madam Boss ZIMETRO

Madam boss said that as a comedian her role was to bring laughter and humour as well as to educate. The apology seemed to score her some points as most people commended her for being the bigger person and apologize.

Madam boss has been battling her differences with Mai Titi for some time. The two started off as best friends until relations soured due to gossip rumours. At one time Mai Titi accused Madam boss of sing unorthodox means to get to the top.

However, their fight was intensified a few days ago when Mai Titi lashed out at Madam Boss and accused her of being a backstabber. She then went into detail about how Madam boss was living a fake life. Most people took it as mere jealousy between two people in the same industry.

Madam boss is a brand ambassador for various companies including Netone, Primkett travel and tours and Pumkin’s weight loss products among other endorsements. Most people have applauded her for tendering an apology which will also serve in maintaining her ambassadorial duties for all these companies

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