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Mai Titi Shows Off New Boyfriend Mr. Obina

Mai Titi real name, Felistas Murata, showed off her alleged new boyfriend known to her followers as Mr. Obina.

The comedienne proved the doubting Thomases wrong when she produced evidence that indeed Mr. Obina exists.

Mai Titi is seen boarding a plane leading many to assume she went to Nigeria to see her new boyfriend Mr. Obina.

In a video posted on her official Instagram page, Mai Titi is seen being carried by a man which her followers have identified as Mr. Obina. Mai Titi simply captioned the video “Goodnight”. Watch the video below:

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Mai Titi then followed up the goodnight video with one of her making breakfast. In the video captioned “Kumbodzidzirao ka se wife to be bwahahaha. (Learning to cook as a wife to be) Becoming Mrs. Obina” Mai Titi is seen frying sausages.

In the comment section, Instagram users are happy Mai Titi has found a new man.

The last relationship Mai Titi made public did not end well. Mai Titi and her ex-boyfriend Zizoe exchanged words on social media.

The comedienne hung Zizoe’s dirty laundry to dry when she claimed his bedroom skills were lacking.


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