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Mai Titi pens a sweet love letter to Hubby Tinashe Maphosa despite cheating rumours

Tinashe Maphosa and Mai Titi

Mai Titi pens a sweet love letter to Hubby Tinashe Maphosa despite cheating rumours.

If you have been on the social media streets this weekend since Friday you would know that a lot of drama and scandals were circulating around the Maphosa family with the Cat father Tinashe Maphosa being accused of going around in popular socialites inboxes and asking them out.

Among the socialites are Zuva Habane, Olinda Chapel, Loveness Samita. These ladies claimed they had V11s that can support their claims. This did not go down well with Mai Titi who quickly did a live with Tinashe Maphosa to clarify these allegations. Tinashe dnied the claims and after that Mai Titi woke-up today writting a love-warming heart message that she posted on her social media platforms and it goes like…

Amongst all the decent women you chose me. Amongst the most beautiful you chose me.
Those with big bums and hips you still chose me. The holier than thou you still chose me.
Our past is nothing new to us , you were still searching and I was still searching.

Unfortunately they did not respond to the messages because the ring wasn’t meant for them. I had my past wich I never hide from you and I’m glad you know it but still it did not stop us from walking down the Aisle.

Having a husband is not an achievement but a blessing from God thts why you see some people bitter and angry because that blessing is something they all wish for but unfortunately it’s not happening. I brag about you because you also do the same with me , we met for a short time coming from the worst past but we connected as if it was 10 years later.

I’m not going to put you on a leash because you are not a dog but remember everything you do is watched and the mission is to destroy so nomatter how honest it is , it shall be used against us. For a moment I went mad not because of a mere comment but because of the twist from that.

I apologize for being mad at you and wanting to leave but what am I leaving for ? Your past ? Hell no. You were trying your luck and God finally landed you to me. They say you are not their class yet they are fighting for us to break up and claiming you also passed through them, Even if you passed through Jezebel my dear husband I also passed through Pharaoh.

Mukadzi anorambirwa chihure same applies to Murume but chihure chako I’m yet to see it. Couples go through the worst so this is just one of those. Tinashe Maphosa I still thank you for choosing me infront of all the Malaika’s nobody will destroy what they never built.
God Ordained this , no form of Force shall break it. I’m the ruling Queen 👑 of an Amazing King 👑.

Our Marriage is recorded in Heaven
In God s favorite Diary🪶

Yours For eternity Felistas Maphosa.

Source – Zimetro

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