Mai Titi goes haywire on allegedly mother who abused 6-year-old daughter: Video


Mai Titi goes haywire on alleged mother who abused 6-year-old daughter: Video.

The woman and her husband (who is not the biological father of the child) are reported to be exposing a 6-year-old girl to terrible living conditions, forcing her to live in a fowl run, guarding against stray cats that roam the area.

Mai Titi

There was chaos in Kambuzuma after comedienne Felistas ”Mai Titi” Edwards stormed at a house belonging to a woman accused of abusing her daughter, threatening to mete out instant justice.

Taking matters into her own hands, Mai titi arrived raging and spoiling for a fight with the alleged abusers.

To her disappointment, the parents of the daughter were not available at home. After learning of the couple’s absence, Mai Titi is reported to have also turned her rage towards the neighbours and co-tenants for paying a blind eye to the abuse.

”How can you give money to that evil landlord who abuses a very small girl.
”I am giving you one month notice, leave this place. This man is very dangerous. He can do anything. “When I come back here, I want you gone. No more tenants here. You are evil.

”I am victim of abuse and I know how it feels to be abused. You will have bitterness for the rest of your life. ‘The only thing I did was protecting my children and yet this woman is giving her husband power to abuse her own children. Mukadzi anobata mwana wake Khaki, nine months is not a joke,”said Mai Titi.

Mai Titi then staged a solo demonstration that ended at the Kambuzuma police station which is a stone throw away from the house where the crime was going unnoticed by the law enforcement agents.

Residents hailed Mai Titi over the demonstration and followed her to the police station to inquire on the delay in responding to the reports of abuse. Mai Titi also vowed to help the girl saying that if she was given permission she would adopt the girl.

”I want to go and inquire from the police where the child is. I want to meet the child and if possible adopt the child,” said Mai Titi.

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