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Mai Titi Engaged to her Nigerian Boyfriend ‘Mr Obina’

Zimbabwean socialite and comedian Mai TT (Felitas Edwards) announced last night her engagement with her new Nigerian boyfriend, who is known as Mr. Obina.

A video on social media confirmed this and confirmed Obina’s proposal that Mai TT will become his wife no matter what people say about her.

“My love, my life and everything about me, my heart is beating now, but for the right reason. This is just an engagement ring, but the real engagement ring is coming.

He further added that proposing to his fiancé from Nigeria to Zimbabwe all the way, shows how deep his love for MaiTT is.

Earlier this year, Mai TT broke up with her Zimbabwean musician lover Zizoe. The two have traveled to the UK for some performances and social visits

The comedian parted ways with Zizoe sometime in March, and a few months later, she met Obina.

Source | ZiMetro News


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