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Mai Titi Clinches Nollywood Deal


. . .my quarantine skit opened doors

COMEDIENNE Mai TT is set to feature in Nollywood movies and also make a Nigerian movie based on the story of her life.

Mai TT, who had traveled to the UK to promote her brand, got an acting role after a conversation with Nollywood CEO Mary Remmy Njoku.

In an interview with local tabloid H-Metro, Mai TT said that her quarantine skit made Nollywood notice her. “I did not meet the CEO in person, we communicated through the phone when she saw my quarantine video, which went viral.

“It reached a lot of people in different countries and it seems the Nigerians loved it more as the likes of Mike Ozuronye and Mary Njoku posted it, and also South Africa’s DJ Sbu among others reposted it.

That skit made an impact and that led the (Nollywood) CEO to contact me and they said that I have a talent and they would like to work with me,” she said.

“They said that they want to see what happens after the quarantine, as people are currently not allowed to travel anywhere at the moment. “I am very excited because the quarantine skit really opened up doors for me,” Mai TT added.

Mai TT said that it was not Nollywood only that was interested in working with her. “Two different companies approached me to work with them and that is Iroko and Nollywood.

“I am very excited as they have been giving me hints on what they want me to do,” the told H-Metro. Asked what the movie she was to act in was about, Mai TT said that she was to act in a movie that tells her life story and also feature in other movies that the will be told of soon.

“This other Nigerian producer said that he wants me to act my own movie called Felistas. “The guy knows about my life, everything that happened to me up till now, so he wants me to make a movie out of all my life experiences.

“There is also a movie called Malachi that I am to feature in, and I think I will be featuring in different movies there in Nigeria,” she said.

“I cannot say the dates as of yet because we do not know when the quarantine will be over,” Mai Titi said. She, however, said she could not reveal much about her plans as the lockdown period has stalled her progress.

“The quarantine (period) is what is controlling us and limiting us to know further details of when I am supposed to travel, what is going on and all that. “I pray it ends soon and we get back to work.

“I used to have dreams about acting, and yes I communicate with other Nigerian actors, but not to the extent that they would invite me over to Nigeria.

“I think this good for my brand, and it is going to uplift my brand in an amazing way. “Now we are just waiting to hear when we are supposed to go there.”


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