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Mai Titi Claims Social Media Pages Got Hacked!

Mai Titi Claims Social Media Pages Got Hacked!

COMEDIENNE Mai Titi says her social media pages were hacked which resulted in claims that she was at odds with her new Nigerian lover, Mr Obina.

The claims of her alleged fallout with the Nigerian man were spread by one Chihera who said Mai Titi had deleted her photos along with Mr Obina after she discovered he was cheating on her.

Speaking to H-Metro, Mai Titi decided to clear the air claiming all was well between her and Mr Obina.

“These are actually lies, I never deleted any pictures, I actually recovered those that had been deleted.

“My page was hacked and I was not aware of it, I was actually at court and I got calls from so many people that were saying that my page had been hacked.

“You know lately, there has been one bitter prostitute who is just fighting me,” she said.

Mai Titi said Chihera has a problem and she does not like seeing people happy.

“I do not know what her problem is, she is just a bitter person who does not know anything else to do than gossip.

“She knows nothing about me, I am not her friend we do not click, she is just creating all these lies about me and I just think it is bitterness.

“You know when a person has never had a man in their life you do not celebrate when others are happy,” she told H-Metro.

She however advised Chihera to do something fruitful and challenge people’s lives.

“She is bitter because she failed, if you check on all socialites or any other celebrity you will realise that Chihera is the poorest of them all.

“She does not know how to use her platform to make money, all that she knows is scold other people and to spread gossip that she has no evidence of.

“How do you make money when you only have time to gossip, it is only that Chihera is not in Zimbabwe otherwise we would have dealt with her,” Mai TT said.

Added Mai Titi:

“I actually wanted to take her to court because she is now taking it way too far, she is actually taking advantage of the fact that she is in South Africa.

“In South Africa, she is actually living a very sorrowful life, she is a disgrace to womanhood, you can even see by where she does her live feeds that she is struggling, a bitter somebody.

“When I got hacked and was told by people what was going on I called my IT guys who handle my pages asking them what was going on.”.

The comedienne said her soon-to-be-husband was unhappy with her account being hacked.

“We tried so hard to get it back and then we got it back and I had to repost everything.

“Even my own husband, he is not happy about it because he saw himself now being posted everywhere.

“It actually disturbed him in a way because he is not a social media type of person, he is just a quiet mature guy who does not do anything social media related,” Mai Titi said.

Asked how her relationship with Mr Obina was with all these rumours going around, she said:

“I talk to him every day, I told him to visit his son because he is divorced and his son’s birthday had happened recently so I told him to go and grace his son’s birthday, as he is supposed to be there for all his children.

“He is a divorced man with no extra affairs attached, when I found him he was single and we got together and we are going on just fine.

“So, people keep bringing up the fact that he once was married, me too, I was also married before but when we get divorced we are allowed to move on right.”

She also dismissed claims that Mr Obina wants to do to her what Zizoe did.

“I cannot compare my husband to Zizoe, that’s an insult to him because Zizoe was more of a gold-digger whereas my husband is a mature responsible man,” she said.


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