Home Celebs Mai Titi and Baba Tea exchange blows

Mai Titi and Baba Tea exchange blows

Mai Titi and Baba Tea exchange blows

Mai Titi and Baba Tea exchange blows

Cum-comedienne Mai Titi has gone after time traveler Ba Tea following his recent prediction.

Ba Tea rose to fame after predicting the death of businessman and socialite Ginimbi.

Recently, the latter made a prediction, he said there was a male public figure who is about to breathe his last in a few month’s time.

However, before having shared the prediction Ba Tea had reached out to Mai Titi which made her think the death message was directed to her.

Ba Tea then took to social media to write:

Personally, I have problems with people who look for attention through things I did not say.

Is Mai Titi male?

Is Mai Titi mbinga..Now she says I’m threatening her after all those praises on my page, being grateful hapana kana mari inodiwa.

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I’m just a time traveler who has access to the future, these celebs have a problem pamwe pacho you try to help them vanenge vakufunga ukuda Mari.

The gift I have handina kana kuitenga, so why would I not help a sister or a brother.

Mai Titi I neva told you kuti mukufa I just praised you. If I did please remind me of conversations we had. iAmBaTea

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