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Mahwindo Foundation bails out “eastview triplets”

Mahwindo Foundation bails out

PHILANTHROPIST and socialite Wanisayi ‘Mahwindo’ Mutandwa yesterday came to the rescue of Eastview triplets when she handed over groceries, clothes, and blankets sourced through her foundation.

This follows the publication of their plight in last Friday’s H-Metro. Named Mahwindo Foundation, the organization has been bailing out the vulnerable who lost their sources of income during the Covid-19 lockdown.

These comprise the elderly, musicians, and different vulnerable groups. And yesterday Mahwindo brought smiles to the triplets’ mother Rumbidzai Tsvangirai who was deserted by her husband, Davison Nzou.

The story went viral on social media after H-Metro broke the news with well-wishers pledging donations. Rumbidzai was at a loss for words after she received goods worth over USD800.

Mahwindo Foundation bails out "eastview triplets"

“I am at a loss for words after receiving these goods from Mahwindo Foundation. “When we went public about the issue, we didn’t expect to get these things. “These guys are heaven-sent and I pray that God blesses them. I have seen the power of God and newspaper (H-Metro), “she said. Speaking at the same event, Mahwindo pledged to continue assisting the triplets through her foundation.

“As Mahwindo Foundation, we will continue assisting such vulnerable people who need our assistance through our foundation.

“We are sourcing these goods from our friends and they are the ones who sent me this stuff,” she said. Meanwhile, musician Peter Moyo accompanied Mahwindo to East view where he also donated some groceries for the triplets.

Mahwindo Foundation bails out "eastview triplets"

To date, Mahwindo Foundation has donated to the elderly in Seke communal lands, Chitungwiza, Banket, CAPS United, and recently partnered Twabam Foundation and donated to musicians and actors.

Individuals who helped her source the donations comprised Team Danya, Boss Scott, and Peter Moyo.


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