Home LOCAL NEWS Mahere on why she has been called Chamisa’s Girlfriend

Mahere on why she has been called Chamisa’s Girlfriend

Fadzi Mahere and Chamisa

Mahere on why she has been called Chamisa’s Girlfriend

MDC Alliance National spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has clarified on why she has been labelled Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s girlfriend on many occasions by ruling party supporters.

Fadzi Mahere was speaking during a Twitter spaces program where she was highlighting the various challenges that women in politics go through because of their resilience.

Mahere noted that she had at a certain time she had suffered an injury in the gym and as such could not attend more sessions because of this unfortunate event.

She the started gaining wait and people labelled her as pregnant with Chamisa’s child. Fadzi bemoaned this stereotype and urged people to respect woman in politics.

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