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Mahachi speaks, denying that he scalded his son

Mahachi speaks, denying that he scalded his son
Kudakwashe Mahachi is a Zimbabwean professional footballer, who plays as a midfielder for South African club SuperSport United F.C. and the Zimbabwe national team.

Mahachi speaks, denying that he scalded his son

By | Kelvin Matore

Kudakwashe Mahachi, a WARRIORS forward, has disputed charges that he scalded his four-year-old son with boiling water and has taken legal action to get him in contact with the boy.

Mahachi claims that authorities at Mpilo Central Hospital and his ex-wife Maritha Ndlovu have prohibited him from visiting the child through his attorneys Tanaka Law Chambers, represented by Nkosiyabo Sibanda.

Ndlovu accused the Warriors’ star of assaulting their child in South Africa, scalding him with water, and smuggling him back to Zimbabwe.

She said the infant was being treated at Mpilo Hospital for third-degree burns.

Professor Solwayo Ngwenya, the acting chief executive of Mpilo Central Hospital, recently told the media that the boy has been subjected to strict security measures because he was a critical witness in his own case and knows who assaulted him.

Mahachi was adamant that the boy was not smuggled into Zimbabwe and that he left South Africa in good health, according to Sibanda.

“The boy was never burned, and he was in good health when he was transported to Zimbabwe,” Sibanda added.

He was unable to be persuaded to provide Mahachi’s current location.

“I will not comment on his presence in Zimbabwe since you are aware of reports that have circulated on social media and threats that he has received publicly.”

“As a result, I shall refrain from commenting on the subject.”

Mahachi, he said, is troubled by media reports that present him in a negative manner.

“Our client desires to inform the public about the allegations levelled against him on various media channels.

“First and foremost, our client wishes to state that he loves his son, and that what he has seen spreading on various platforms is terrible, concerning, and has pained him as much as it exposed his son’s medical condition, which should have been kept private but was made public.”

“On the allegations that our client scalded the minor, he wishes to state that he never did such an act to his only son and the stories that he is responsible are a fabrication, malicious and are designed to tarnish him as a successful international footballer with a desire to end the career of Mahachi.

“With what has happened, our client advises further that he will soon take the legal route to protect his son first and, secondly, he will be approaching the courts to deal with the issue of his image.”

Sibanda added:

“Regarding his son, our client advises that he has tried all efforts to do the fatherly duties towards the minor by providing primary care, medical care and, in this instance, our client engaged two medical doctors, who are specialists in matters of children’s health.

“The two medical practitioners were barred from assessing the minor child and to provide further medical health care.

“Our client is of the view that there are people who are benefiting from the false narrative that has been sold to the public.”

Sibanda said Mahachi has requested his son’s medical report without any success.

Mahachi was suspended by his South African club, SuperSport United, to enable him to attend to his family matters.

“What concerns our client is that a broadcaster has gone live on multiple platforms and claimed to have seen the medical report, spoken with the minor child, and interviewed the minor child, but he has been denied.”

“Our client states that his primary concern is the minor child’s health, and that he will pursue this case through appropriate legal channels.”

“Our client claims he never ‘burned’ his only child. The public narrative is regrettable since it is full with lies and nasty substance.”

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