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‘Magaya I Want My Money’ – Woman Pleads For Help!

'Magaya I Want My Money' - Woman Pleads For Help!

A Zimbabwean woman living in South Africa who was duped by Prophet Magaya went live on social media pleading with Magaya’s wife to feel fore her as she is struggling while Magaya is holding her Money.

The woman went as far as saying she might commit suicide because she is no longer in her right senses as the investment has caused her more suffering than the joy that was promised.


Recently another Gogo shared a same story claiming shewas duped by Wale USD70,000 In Exchange For A Non Existent Mansion.

The elderly woman was told to sell her posh flat in the Harare CBD having been forced to purchase in its place, one of the controversial preacher Walter Magaya’s scheme properties, a fake mansion.

To force through his sale, Magaya had shown her a place where he announced he is building new flats, in Wonderland Estates (after Westgate along Lomagundi road).

This is a scheme first exposed by ZimEye three years ago.

At one point Magaya had already taken the woman to a fake property ‚Äúsaying this is yours.‚ÄĚ She would discover 3 years later that it was all fake and the whole piece of land is actually owned by some Chinese businesspersons.

At one time during court hearings, the elder‚Äôs lawyer tried to obtain restitution from an unfinished property at the estate, only to be told that the so called MAGAYA estate has since been sold off to some undisclosed Chinese businessmen, as the complainant narrates…Gogo’s full story