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Magaya ‘delivers’ ex-prisoner

Magaya ‘delivers’ ex-prisoner

Magaya ‘delivers’ ex-prisoner

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya, reportedly performed a healing miracle to an ex-prisoner during a church service in Waterfalls on Sunday, leaving congregants awestruck.

Tinashe Mutseyekwa had been struggling with his back during his time in prison and got his healing after a struggle – a feat which was described by his 75-year-old grandmother Sarah Mutseyekwa as a miracle by Prophet Magaya who “was sent to deliver the sick and the poor”.

“Tinashe was healed and no matter what people might say about Prophet Magaya; to me he is anointed and sent to help the poor like me, to heal the sick like Tinashe,” said Gogo Mutseyekwa.

“Tinashe struggled in prison with his back that he would not walk but when I made a decision to take him to Prophet Magaya I received a lot of negative comments and today I thank God for delivering him.

“He served a double prison term because of how he lived and the prison officers tried to engage various doctors only to be delivered by Prophet Magaya.

“Tinashe anga asingakwanise kufamba asi iyezvino avakufamba; ndini ndinogara naye ndinotenda Mwari wavaMagaya,” said Gogo Mutseyekwa.

Prophet Magaya dismissed Tinashe’s suspicion that his suffering was caused by the husband of the woman he cheated with saying it was only a spiritual attack.

“It was a spiritual problem more than a physical one that is why medical doctors failed to identify the problem,” said Prophet Magaya.

“It was not caused by the husband of the wife he suspected was behind his problem.

“His back was bent by the spiritual attack and it is not all the time we allow evil spirits to speak and find the cause of suffering but I just cast the evil out and he was healed.

“I preached peace to Tinashe and taught him how to maintain his deliverance and start a new life.

“I followed the comments made by people on our Facebook account and those from Tilder Live show and saw that not everyone believed the healing.

“The ministry is five years old and those who doubt us have a reason to and those who believe in the miraculous God are receiving their healing and deliverance.

“Negative comments will never stop and that does not stop me from remaining focused on my calling until I finish my race and mission,” said Prophet Magaya.


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