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Magacha’s Easter Horror!

Magacha's Easter Horror!

Magacha’s Easter Horror!

Sabastian Magacha’s camp was last night desperate to protect the award-winning gospel star’s battered and bruised image after his picture(s) leaked on social media.

Magacha's Easter Horror!

The Bosvo singer sent social media on overdrive when a screenshot of his picture, allegedly sent to his lover, leaked.

For the greater part of yesterday, Magacha’s phone went unanswered and was already switched off at the time of going to print.

His younger brother and also gospel artiste Tinashe Magacha, who was believed to have been comforting the talented performer for the greater part of yesterday, was evasive when contacted by H-Metro.

“I’m actually looking for him and I also want to speak to him,” said Tinashe, who was said to have been desperate to cover up for his elder brother’s problems. “I think he is at his place of residence if he is not answering his phone, I don’t know anything (regarding leaked pictures) as yet,” he added.

Magacha’s close friend said he was also not answering his phone, and they feared for him as they described him as a `fragile’ person.

“He was once devastated after his marital woes mounted at some point and we had to be with him. “Saba is not used to controversy and my fears are that he can do anything if he doesn’t get the proper counseling.

“He is not that person who enjoys controversy and I wonder how lie would overcome this issue,” said one of Magacha’s close friends who preferred anonymity.

Although Magacha was not cooperating, presumably preparing to make an official statement, comedienne Mai ‘IT, who is on self-quarantine in the UK, went live on Instagram where she urged the singer to man up and take responsibility for his actions.


OUTSPOKEN comedienne Mai TT, who is on self-quarantine in the UK, yesterday leaped to the defense of gospel musician Sabastian Magacha urging him to man up.

This was after the energetic prince of praise and worship sent social media abuzz following the leaking of his picture.

Magacha's Easter Horror!

According to the screenshot of the picture, purportedly sent around 2.am on March 31 to his lover, Magacha was flaunting his dink donk.

Mai TI’, whose Facebook page was allegedly hacked, opted to go live on Instagram where she sympathized with the pint-sized singer.

Although many people back home, according to Mai TT, expected her to send Magacha to the cleaners, she gave him strength in an interview with H-Metro.

“This is the right time that Magacha should man up,” said the said. Mai TT, who is also a gospel artiste in her own right, said Magacha needed support to ensure he moves on. “We all know Mukoma Saba as one of the finest gospel artistes who have a calling as a singer and this is the right time that the church, family and workmates need to give him all the support.

“This is spiritual warfare that people meet all the time and it would be unfair to poke fun at him without offering him help. “Of course we have all seen how ‘gifted’ Mukoma Saba is in his pants, but let’s cheer him up because I know that all is not well with him: she said.

“My advice to him is that he should delete the number of that girl who posted it and move on. “I always tell people to be responsible for their actions, and this must come as a lesson to many of you that you don’t just send the pictures of your loved one.

“If your lover is demanding photos, be it b00bs, privates and even you bams, please make an appointment and find a place where you can undress and quench your thirst,” she said.

Mai TT also urged fellow artistes to stop laughing at Magacha, but pray for him so that he gets the courage to move on.


Mai TT also told H-Metro that Magacha could be a victim of blackmail or extortion. “If we look closely at this issue, you will realize that he could be a victim of blackmail or extortion where the girl who leaked the pictures might have demanded money not to leak the picture.

“Again, Mukoma Saba might have been milked by the girl who kept on demanding money from him until he lost the battle or failed to provide the money.

“Such cases are now common and Mukoma Saba might not be alone in that predicament as many people are suffering in silence,” she said.

Asked what action Magacha should take, Mai TT was blunt. “It’s very simple here because Magacha’s image has been tainted, but he simply needs to go and report this girl.

“This girl, if she was blackmailing him, committed a serious offense and she has to face the music because she has also mined someone’s life.

“It was never proper for her to send or post someone’s nudes for public consumption know-ing the repercussions.”

The outspoken comedienne said it was high time cases of blackmail extortion be dealt with. “In my own view, extortionists or people who are convicted of blackmail should be jailed for close to a year because many people are dying in silence.


As expected from Mai TT, a revered entertainer, she also poked fun at Magacha live on Instagram. She praised Magacha for being gifted and likened his privates to a dangerous weapon she referred to in vernacular as zvombo.

Mai TT also said that she didn’t know that gospel artistes had big one-eyed monsters, in reference to Magacha’s size.

She then urged Magacha to man up after the disappointment and urged people facing the same predicament to take legal action.

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