Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria says he will venture into tobacco and maize farming this year to supplement his earnings.

The Khiama Boys leader, who turns 65 on April 5, said he has spent the past 12 months indoors owing to the Covid-19 induced lockdown and has set his sights on farming.

Showing his commitment, the revered guitarist has since started clearing his plot in Mvurwi in preparation for the new farming season.

“We have been indoors for the past 12 months or so doing nothing at home due to the Covid-19 but this year I have decided to venture into farming at my plot in Mvurwi.

“My plot measures 10 hectares but now four hectares of land have been cleared.

“We will start with maize and of course tobacco which I hear fetches good money on the market.

“Farming is something I grew up doing back in the day but had stopped due to music commitments but I am going back into farming and tobacco is one of the crops that is in my mind,” he said.

Nicholas Zakaria and Macheso
Nicholas Zakaria and Macheso

Asked whether tobacco farming was not against his Christian beliefs he said:

“It’s as good as a Christian opening a pub where one will be promoting vice but there is nothing I can do because we need money on the table.

“I have made up my mind as an adult to see where farming will take us because we don’t know when this Covid-19 pandemic will end,” he said.

Music wise, Madzibaba said he was busy in the studio working on his 29 album due for release soon.

“Musically, I did very well last year when I released the album Zadziso featuring Simon Mutambi.

“I was also over the moon after being voted the Best Sungura musician at this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

“This is my second ZIMA award in a row and I was really happy after that recognition,” he said.

On his ZIMA triumph, Madzibaba continued:

“I was not amused because people know what I am capable of in the past 30 or so years in the game.

“People know better when I strike the right chords and vice versa. It’s up to the music awards organisers to make their choices and for this triumph I am really glad and happy.”

Meanwhile, Madzibaba is set to start shooting a video of the song Mazano off the album Munongezo released over 15 years ago.

“There is a big fan who has decided to sponsor the video of the song Mazano which I released long back.

“Despite its popularity with dance groups, I never got a chance to record its video since it became hit years after its release.

“I have also released that there is a lot of music we did long back which never got airplay and whenever it is played, the same music is set to win hearts of many since it will be new to other fans,” he added.