In a suspected case of witchcraft, an 85-year-old Tafara woman lost four toes within a short period after her three children and a cousin consulted Madzibaba Stephen Mugariri.


Gogo Susan Chipulu is at odds with her children over the mysterious losing of her toes accusing them of burying her alive.

Narrating her ordeal, Gogo Chipula said the mysterious loss of her toes started a day after she met Madzibaba Stephen wearing his white garment in her dreams.

“I am experiencing painful sleepless nights over these mysterious things on my leg and it is now affecting my hand as well,” said Gogo Chipula.

“My children took me to a prophet over misfortunes they were facing with their families and the prophet asked me why I took a dead baby’s bone.

“I did not agree with that since the bone I knew of was that of a dead animal not of human.

“I happen to have this bone of an animal after I consulted a Sangoma in my mother country Malawi and this was to protect me and my children and to have power over other people.

“Ndakakapihwa ndikanzi ndikakuye kuye ndotemerwa nyora mumviri wangu. Kanga kasiri kemwana mucheche asi kemhuka dzemusango.

“Madzibaba Stephen kept on saying it was a baby’s bone and we disagreed and after some weeks my children went behind my back and received prayers that are now affecting my body.

“Handisi kurara ndichirwadziwa, ndinodikitira ndichizunza gumbo rangu usiku hwose ndichiita sendinobaiwabaiwa netsono.

“This started after I dreamt Madzibaba Stephen and from that day my life is in danger that one of my sons is burying my toes.


“Arikundiviga ndirimupenyu. Vakandiendera kwaMadzibaba hwangu hupenyu woparara ivo vachirara hope dzakanaka vachifushira nyama yangu.

“I am cross about Madzibaba Stephen and my children over this suffering I am going through. I cannot walk and I feel betrayed by my children and I’m always crying when I see my neighbours going to church every Sunday leaving me struggling like this,” said Gogo Chipula.

George Chipula, 41, regrets consulting Madzibaba Stephen accusing him of not explaining better how the prayers he gave them were to affect their mother.

“To be honest with you Madzibaba Stephen is to blame because he didn’t tell us that our mother was the one causing us to experience bad omens,” said George.

“Had he explained clearly that the misfortunes were from our mother we would not receive his back to sender prayer. Zvaiwanikwa kuti mazera akare vaitsvaga zvinovadzivirira handingade kuti Amai vangu vatambure zvakadai.

“We are now failing to meet Madzibaba Stephen because all of us are facing financial problems so we cannot raise money to consult him anymore.

“Madzibaba Stephen’s contact number is ever busy and we are desperately in need of his help over this,” said George.

Contacted for comment, Madzibaba Stephen confirmed giving the family a back to sender prayer saying Gogo Chipula denied the truth and will not heal unless she confesses her sins.

“I remember conducting prayers to Chipula family and giving them back to sender prayers after Gogo Chipula denied truth about the bones she kept sometime back,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

“If she comes and confesses she will get well but as for the toes she has lost already she will not recover them because of delaying to return and confess what she denied.

“I am not a witch doctor but a servant of God with powers only. Ndinoita zvinanara zvinopfuura ipapo kurudziro yangu kuvanobata mishonga yakaipa ngavaregedze nekuti handirege kudzosera kwazvabva,” said Madzibaba Stephen.



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