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Madzibaba, School clash over land

Madzibaba, School clash over land

There was drama at Madzibaba Stephen Mugari’s shrine yesterday when his worshippers clashed with builders of a college over a piece of land in Chitungwiza.

Builders, under Tafadzwa Chikasha of Quinton College, were forced by the worshipers to close trenches they dug at the shrine but claim that their boss had bought the land for construction of a college.

The clash forced Madzibaba Stephen, popularly known as Back to Sender’ prophet, and Chikasha to drive their posh vehicles in haste to the shrine where they agreed to settle their differences out of court since they were all hesitating to produce relevant documents to prove ownership.

Madzibaba Stephen claims to have applied for the place at Chitungwiza Town Council while Chikasha claimed to have bought the land from a developer and the two engaged police public relations offices after the latter brought some bricks to the shrine.

‘We applied for this piece of land at Chitung-wiza Town Council some years back and we constructed ablution facilities since we have been conducting our services here since 1994,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

Madzibaba, School clash over land

‘We made a follow up several times and we were given a go ahead to meet for our prayers after receiving a report that the town was still to finalise boundaries with Manyame Rural Council.

“Chikasha bought the land from land barons and has no documents to build here that is why he is sending his workers to deliver the bricks at night “They started offloading bricks at the shrine at beginning of national lockdown and they are in a hurry to put structures at the same time threatening us by engaging security agencies.

“Vatendi vedu havairegera vavaki vaChikasha vachibvisa miteuro yedu pasowe redu uye hakasi kekutanga.

Nyaya iyi yakambosvika kupublic relations office yeChitungwiza police station. “Chikasha is now seeking an out of court settlement since he has nothing to prove his claims of ownership and I will not watch him destroying our place of worship.

“We are praying for peace in the country and he is hiring thugs to destroy a place of worship when he has another college few meters away from this place,” said Madzibaba Stephen.

Chikasha could neither confirm nor deny having the necessary documents saying he bought the place and was after constructing a school to compliment government efforts in educating children.

“I bought the land but Madzibaba Stephen has been evading our meetings with police officers over the dispute,” said Chikasha.

“We engaged police and Madzibaba is ever promising to attend the meeting that is why we decided to go ahead with construction since the place will compliment government efforts in educating children.

“It’s not a personal issue like what Madzibaba Stephen want people to believe. If he has documents to show ownership he must produce them before the officers.

“He is being a bully and wants to act like a school prefect and if he continues to do that we will see the best way forward.

“He is reported to have been saying that there is no need for official documents,” said Chikasha before hanging the call.

Unconfirmed reports were that Chikasha engaged people who claimed to be under security agencies forcing Madzibaba to rush to the shrine leading to an out of court settlement.

It could not be established if the land has been serviced and approved for permanent structures.