Madam Boss shows off in new L!NGER!E: PICS

Madam Boss shows off in new L!NGER!E: PICS.

She is not stopping and this time she fired up, she has tasted success and she is here to stay. Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss is really bossing up as her name says. She is now entering into the business world and embracing it as well and we must say she is doing pretty good for herself.

We can’t keep on talking about her acting skills anymore because we all know she is the best when it comes to that. We are now talking about her businesswoman side which is currently showing signs of progress and doing really really good. She has some clothes designs, jumpsuits specifically and they are doing very well on the market. As if that’s not enough she also has beauty products that she sells, her own products by the way (in case you didn’t know).

Now to add all that up she has introduced a new line of l!nger!e (Currently we not very sure if it’s hers but with the way she is prospering we bet it’s hers, but just for confirmation purposes it is  still not yet confirmed) but if it’s hers then she is spicing up and bringing in a different taste of style in her wide range of clothesline. The new l!nger!e is a must for every lady in town. It is the way to go if you want a steamy relationship and bring back that confidence that you always needed. Check the pictures below of Tyra rocking the new l!nger!e…

Tyra ChikochoMadam Boss ZIMETRO

Madam BossMadam Boss

Tyra Chikocho the Madam BossTyra Chikocho

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