Madam Boss says they are going to sue Mai Titi.

Born Tyra Chikocho, the comedienne says she has been ridiculed by her rival on many occasions which is now taking its toll on her. Madam Boss’ legal team reckons the comedienne has had enough of Mai Titi’s unprovoked social media rants and they have resolved to sue her rival.

Madam Boss

Mai Titi has on many occasion threatened Madam Boss with violence as well as exposing her alleged boyfriends, which she failed to prove when quizzed. The latest development comes after her foiled attack on Monday night on her way from work.

“My manager has gone to meet our lawyers so that we can take legal action against Mai Titi. “Over the years, Mai Titi has been accusing me of infidelity and at one point she threatened me with violence.

Mai Titi“She has accused me of bedding many powerful people including cabinet ministers, politicians, musicians and business executives that I work with.

“Mai Titi has tarnished my image and as a brand ambassador for a number of corporate organisations, I can’t bear it anymore; my image is at stake and it’s high time we sue her even though she is after drama,” she said.

Asked whether she suspected her of the foiled Monday night attack or not, Madam Boss said: “Well, I wouldn’t say she is the one behind it but investigations are underway.

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