Madam Boss opens up on love life

Madam Boss opens up on love life

‘. . . I was actually a maid’

COMEDIENNE, musician and entrepreneur, Madam Boss, is a woman of many talents.

The versatile entertainer, who recently ventured into fashion, continues to win hearts of many with each passing day.

Born TYRA CHIKOCHO, MADAM BOSS’S journey to acclaim has not been a straw in the park.

H-Metro Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) TRUST KHOSA had a chat with Madam Boss who opened up on her love life, tough upbringing, God’s newly found favour and sacrifices she made to be where she is today. Read on…

Q: What’s your vision as a comedienne, fashionista and entrepreneur?

A: My vision is to take go international and market my brand beyond Zimbabwe.

I just want to be known all over the world.

As a beautician, I just want to look good and I hope next year I will be owing a big shop not this walk-in wardrobe.

In short, I want to grow my business.

Q: Tell us your brief profile?

A: My name is Tyra, married to one husband.

I have a daughter named Michaela Munetsiwa. I love food a lot and I love to look good.

I am a comedienne, I am an actress but I don’t know exactly where I belong because people give a lot of titles.

It’s up to the people to define my job.

I am a Christian and I am always jovial.

Originally, I come from Malawi but I grew up in Madziva.

I once stayed in Masvingo and then came to Harare where I still live.

Q: How did you make your breakthrough?

A: I think people like me because I am a likeable person, munhu anofaririka chaiye.

It appears my storylines are real and people can easily relate with them.

I think I managed to win the hearts of many because I tackle real issues which happen in our society.

Some of the issues I tackle once affected me as I grew up so that’s why some of my skits appeal to fans because I do act what I have also experienced.

I am also one person who avoids conflicts and fights with others.

I am not a drama queen but rather a humble person who relates well with fans.

Q: How do you come up with your skits?

A: I am inspired by what happens in our communities.

Some of the skits reflect on my past experiences and what other people encountered as well.

These are real-life stories I experienced.

In my case, I grew up as an orphan and that inspires my creativity.

I wasn’t good at school and my mother came to Harare where she worked as a maid.

I then became a maid so by working for different people as a maid, you are bound to meet many challenges.

I also meet my friends regularly and from the conversations we have I also generate my skits.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: Tyler Perry inspires me a lot. I really want to be like Tyler. Tyler Perry’s background and story really touched me.

A: What I can you say about the support you get from fellow women?

A: All I know is that a lot of people like me, especially ladies.

I know there are also some who don’t like me and it’s normal.

Q: How do you manage motherhood, business and comedy work?

A: When I am at work, I concentrate on my business.

When I am at home, I drop the Dudzai character.

I am a typical African woman who cooks and cleans the dishes.

I also visit my in-laws. I am a family person. I love family.

It’s manageable; I put 20 percent on my work and 80 on my family.

Q: How do you handle male predators?

A: Some men are a problem but we are managing to handle them.

I know who I am and I am married but I also have male fans and there is need to entertain them.

There are some who want selfies and I can’t deny them because they are my fans.

There are however some who become over excited when they see me.

Q: How did you meet Mhofela (Madam Boss’ husband) and for how long have you been married?

A: I met him in town. I used to hang around with his friend called Gospel Mudonhi.

Ngoni was wearing a red shirt and it was fitting him well.

I told Gossy that ndapenyerwa ne this guy.

I used to have very long hair and Ngoni is very attracted to ladies with long hair and we started dating.

We dated for five months before we married.

It’s now six years in this marriage with Mhofela and we are happy.

Of course marriage is not smooth but we try our best to manage our issues on our own.

He is now my partner in crown.

Q: How did Mhofela accept your career path?

A: Mhofela is my number one supporter. We do everything together and he is my manager.

He supports me; he is too much through thick and thin.

Q: Is Mhofela comfortable with you working with males?

A: He is very comfortable seeing me working with males.

He is actually the one who has drafted my contracts and all the bookings are done through him.

We trusted each other as husband and wife.

At times he leaves me working with males and I also do the same when he has a job which involves ladies.

Trust is key in any relationship as is the case with ours.

Q: How do you spend your week?

A: Nowadays I have a little shop that I run sometimes I am always there doing meetings with my husband.

Every day I make sure that I go for lunch because I love food like I told you earlier on.

I also have time with my family and friends and of course time to shoot my skits.

Q: How do you keep yourself fit?

A: I am always running and I prefer morning jogs.

I also take pumpkin tea. By the way I am the brand ambassador for Pumkin Tea.

I also love junk food, inotondiitira.

Q: How supportive are members from your church?

A: Mumwe neumwe anomira nezvake kudenga. I think you know how it is at church.

Many tend to judge each other. For instance at my husband’s church all the skits I perform are not allowed but some support.

At ZAOGA where I used to attend as a young girl, they still support me.

I am happy with the support I get.

Q: Your advice to female artists and entrepreneurs of your generation?

A: My advice to ladies who are doing similar jobs I urge them to follow their hearts.

Ita zvinodiwa nemoyo wako, be yourself please.

I also urge males to support ladies who are talented because without your support we won’t go anywhere.

Let’s have trust. As for aspiring businesswomen, be content with what you have and you can start with the little you have and it will multiply.

If you want to become an actor you can start on your own shooting your own skits through your phone and see how good you are.

We also need to put God in everything that we do and I love you for supporting Madam Boss.

Q: Thanks’ for your time.

A: You are welcome!



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