MADAM BOSS GOES INTERNATIONAL…strikes film deals in Nigeria and South Africa

Comedienne and socialite Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho-Munetsiwa is expanding her brand as she has assumed acting roles in Nigerian and South African films.

Madam Boss’ husband and manager Ngoni Munetsiwa said he was excited with the developments since it was their dream to go beyond borders as Madam Boss Entertainment brand.

Madam Boss will feature in the Nigerian series called The Offsprings with some popular Nigerian actors such as Prince Jide Kosoko and Ayo Adesanya.

She is also expected to be in one of short films in South Africa to be screened on SABC 1.

“As a brand, we are happy as Madam Boss entertainment, it is an achievement to us. It is one of our objectives to be recognised as a brand internationally.

“We are happy that we have managed to do two projects so far. The one that we did a fortnight ago in South Africa with Becky Casting Agency which chose Madam Boss to feature in South African short films.

“The film will be shown at SABC 1, and this Nigerian film, The Offsprings series, where she will feature and will be shown in Africa Magic,” said Munetsiwa.

“At the moment she is in Nigeria working on this project, The Offsprings, which is directed by Dr Henry Obidi,” he added.

Munetsiwa said his wife is elated and her confidence has been boosted since she is achieving great deals despite coming from a humble background.

“As a brand we are happy and she is also happy as an individual considering where she is coming from.

“It is building her confidence as an individual as she can now believe that everyone can be somebody and reach any level despite the level of education, or how you grew up or where you come from.

“If you are focused you can achieve anything that you want to achieve in life and Tyra has proven it and she is an inspiration to a lot of people, and we know that a lot of people look up to her as brand, as a sister and motherly figure,” he said.

Madam Boss is a popular comedienne who rose to prominence with her comedy skits on social media that attracted a lot of audience. She once worked as a house maid before she started venturing into the film Industry.

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