Macheso Breaks Silence On Controversial Beach Pic With ‘Mysterious’ Woman


Macheso Breaks Silence On Controversial Beach Pic With ‘Mysterious’ Woman

Sungura king, Alick Macheso has finally responded to a snap featuring him and ‘mysterious’ woman which had raised eyebrows on most social media platforms.

Macheso Breaks Silence On Controversial Beach Pic With ‘Mysterious’ Woman

Responding to the claims in an interview with H-metro, the sungura kingpin said

“She is a just a fan like others and she requested for a picture.”

This follows after the musician’s picture with a female fan at a beach in Port Elizabeth, South Africa during his recent tour went viral, with many Zimbo media warriors reaching different conclusions.

In his defense, Macheso went further to say from the moment he leaves his house, he can pose for pictures with fans whom he usually refer to as ‘maboss’.

“As long I am in public places, I can pose for photos with fans because ndiwo maboss acho.

“That (beach) was a public place and I had to make that fan happy just like others.

“The moment I leave my house, I cannot avoid pictures with fans. Some even come home just for those photos and go on to share with their loved ones. They come to share their moments with me; which I appreciate as well,” said Macheso.

On the other hand, fashion police were already tearing down his beach wear clothing, but Macheso did not seem bothered as he believed he did not commit any crime.


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