Home LOCAL NEWS Lumumba , Mliswa Fight Takes New Twist

Lumumba , Mliswa Fight Takes New Twist

Lumumba , Mliswa Fight Takes New Twist

Lumumba , Mliswa Fight Takes New Twist

Controversal Zanu PF youth empowerment activist Acie Lumumba on Thursday dared legislator Temba Mliswa to bring one of his “many” wives or daughters so he could prove he was not gay as alleged by the quarrelsome MP.

Lumumba , Mliswa Fight Takes New Twist

Asked during question time to comment on social media claims by the Norton legislator he was a “ga_y gangster”, Lumumba went vulgar, telling his former Zanu PF ally the best way he could prove him wrong was to have sx with his wife or daughter.

“Temba must have a register of gay people in Zimbabwe,” Lumumba said.

“You must have a register to be able to go to someone and say ‘you are gay and not gay’ because he seems to always know the people who he believes are gay.

“So, I don’t know where he gets this register from, but there is a very simple way (to prove). Temba has many wives and many daughters; Temba, bring one of either wife or daughter uone nyaka-nyaka (you will see havoc). I will create relatives for you. Then you see that I am a gangster for sure.”

Earlier during the day, Mliswa had chosen his favourite phrase “gay gangster” to refer to Lumumba in one of his may tweets.

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