Lumumba apologises!! reveals Queen Bee

Whistleblower Acie Lumumba yesterday sprang a shocker and did not appear on the much publicised Live Broadcast but instead issued an apology to President Emmerson Mnnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga for playing a hatchet job that led to the dismissal of four Central Bank Bosses accused of working with the leader of a fuel cartel known as Queen Bee.

“This is a public apology to the President and his VP for getting myself involved in matters beyond my pay grade.

“I have never recieved any money from Prof Mthuli and I wish him all the best in his job, he’s a smart man. The path I intended to take tonight is not good for me. I have since unearthed some details that I am not protected enough to share at the moment. Munondichekeresa.”

In a surprising withdrawal from his earlier remarks of accusing Fuel Guru Kuda Tagwirei as Queen Bee, Lumumba said Queen Bee is a person called JPM.

“I will however tell you this for those wish to pursue this life limiting path. Queen Bee is not Kuda Tagwirei. Its JPM. I had missed it all along, he has played us and them all, the signature responsible for the failure and closure of businesses is JPM.

“The signature responsible for playing puppet master with industry is JPM. The signature responsible for introduction of new vocabulary to us such as bond notes/RTGS /Nostro /Rate /Transfer /Zipit / basket of currencies etc. Language never or little used anywhere else in the world.”

The initials JPM led to a speculation that Lumumba is talking about the Reserve Bank Governor John Panonetsa Mangudya whose initials fit well into JPM.

“Most quiet guy in the room, plays the fool and has watcher them all come and go since he was just a mere bank officer. JPM could possibly be the richest human being in this country. You don t believe me? ”

Journalist Edmund Kudzayi opined that Lumumba has been instructed or threatened by those who have the power to give and take ‘lives’. “If you’re waiting for Acie Lumumba to go live go to bed. He’s not going live because those who have the power to give and take lives have taken away this live.”

Some social Media users commented on Lumumba’s apology accusing him of changing sides because he has been bought by a new faction that wants to see Mangudya gone for firing their key contacts in the Reserve Bank.


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