Luminitsa Dumbisa’s latest pictures showing off her cars


Luminitsa Dumbisa’s latest pictures showing off her cars.

Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa, ex-wife to Warriors footballer Nyasha Mushekwi is one of the h0ttest ladies in Zimbabwe. Luminitsa has not only made waves for her curvaceous body but she has been making waves for her relationship with former first lady Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza. We are not sure about their relationship, we heard from rumours but what we know for sure is how beautiful and crafted her body is.

She posts pictures of herself on Instagram and boy oh boy she is looking fine. The celebrity is just beautiful, stunning and out of this world. She also has good taste in riding beautiful fancy cars too. Check out these latest pictures we took from her Instagram account.

1Luminitsa Dumbisa

Luminitsa Dumbisa