Loveless Man Breaks Romantic Curse As Prophet Digs Up Juju G-String

A man from zone 1, GaRankuwa, Tshwane in South Africa,Kagiso Molekwa (46) who had been a drunkard for five years, was saved from a curse that had been haunting him after a prophet dug up what looked like a G-string, bottles with muthi and animal bones in his yard.

This comes after Kagiso’s nephew. Oupa Molekwa (41) tracked down a prophet and called on him to use his powers to intervene after seeing a story in Daily Sun about him helping another family.

Kagiso who lived to tell the tale said that the things found in his yard were causing him bad luck.

“I couldn’t ever keep a woman by my side. A fight would start and the woman would be no more,” he said.

“All I did was drink away my sorrows every day and I stopped cleaning my place. Even my friends stopped visiting.

Kagiso and his nephew say they will wait and see if there were changes after the prophet’s ritual.



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