Losing presidential candidate says the government wants to abduct him


Losing presidential candidate says the government wants to abduct him.

The former ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and losing presidential candidate during the July 30 Presidential Elections, Daniel Shumba has made sensational allegations that he has intelligence that the government wants to abduct him.

Ex Zanu PF bigwig opens can of worms on EDShumba who contested the presidential elections under the ticket of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) claimed that he is being targeted for speaking out against the evils being perpetrated by the Zanu-PF regime.

Responding to social media post from the United States Embassy, Shumba said.

State Agents continue to search for me at my house in Harare and have circulated my name across all borders for abduction upon arrival in Zimbabwe. Am being victimized for speaking against the ills being perpetrated by the Zanu PF regime. The truth shall set us free.

…You only arrest if have a charge or a court warrant of arrest. Anything else is illegal and mere victimization. It is abduction!…I’ve been tipped off by reliable people in the system.


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